Tateyama Community General Support Center

The Role of the Center

The center was established to provide general support for various facets of long-term care, care-giving, health and medical treatment for elderly persons in the community and their families. The center has public health nurses, primary care managers, and certified social workers who work in coordination with each other to provide services.

Reception Hours

Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm / Saturday: 9am-12pm
Closed holidays and December 30-January 3

  • Inquiries can be made free of charge.
  • Inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.
  • We submit applications on behalf of patients for Long-Term Care Needed certification, etc.
  • If requested by phone, we will visit your home.

Who Can Use Our Services

  • All elderly persons living within the service area
  • Person involved in long-term care-giving
  • Persons certified as Support Needed, and persons who may need support or long-term care

Tateyama Community General Support Center Nanohana

Service Area

Tateyama, Toyofusa, Nishizaki, Kanbe and Tomisaki

Tateyama Community General Support Center Ichigo

Service Area

Toyohusa, Tateno and Kokonoe